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  • Stars Earned 188
  • Forks Earned 45
  • Commits (Past Year) 1.1k
  • Total PRs 5
  • Total Issues 33
  • Contributed to 15

Notable Contributions

  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • VSCode
  • RxJS
  • Socket.IO
  • Ionic

Most Used Languages

  • HTML 28%
  • TypeScript 23%
  • JavaScript 17%
  • CSS/SCSS 15%
  • C# 10%
  • Java 4%
  • PHP 2%
  • Others 1%

My Projects

Ets Marcou

Website & Instagram gallery synchronization for Ets Marcou

Tarot Mania

Multiplayer French Tarot card game 🃏

Unicode Emoji

Raw data for Unicode Emoji

Scrollable Component

Native viewport with custom scrollbars

Jura POI

An interactive map with Points of Interest for the Jura, France 🗺️

Unicode Emoji Picker

Customizable emoji picker web component, based on the Unicode Emoji specification


Mood is an Android app that allow you to keep track of the movies you and your friends watched 🎞️

Static HTML

A simple, lightweight and fast static HTML website generator which makes use of Template Literals ⚡

Super Secret Project

A small Java 2D game to learn the "game loop" logic 🎮

Open Weather App

A sample Open Source Weather application built using Apache Cordova ⛅


A jQuery Datepicker 📅


SmallWorld is a 2-player tactical game


A WPF RadialMenu


A browser extension that helps you anotate pages